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We are glad you'll join us!  (To learn more about ParTour, read about us.)  

The best way to sign up is at our booth in CicLAvia.  You can also sign up from home, and you can quit at any time.  We will never spam you, or sell your email address or phone number to anyone, ever.  If you have more questions, see our list of frequently asked questions.

Here is how to sign up online:
#1.  Pick a quest.
  • Choose your quest for the day.  Each person (or small group) should have one quest.  This will establish your goals, and will group your stories with others on the group site. 
#2.  Submit your first story.
  • Each story is a picture on your phone sent as a text or picture message (MMS).   To count for your quest, make sure to include the right quest keyword.  Here is an example MMS:
sample submission
  • This is really just a text message.  Our system will scan your message to find the quest keyword and the location for mapping.  (Hint: locations can be full street addresses, or intersections.  Try to include the city name, or it might find an intersection in another city.)
  • To submit your story, and automatically join our system, just send it to as a text or picture message (not as an email).  Your message may be public, so be polite.  By texting you agree to our rules.  If you are having trouble, read our FAQ or call our help line.  
  • If successful, the system will text you back, asking for your name to appear under all your posts.  Do not use your full real name -- this is for privacy reasons.  The system will then text you to confirm your name or alias, and give you a code.  This code is for later use, in case you want to edit your posts from home using a personal computer.  
#3.  Keep going (and watch the stories come in!)
  • View all stories from the crowd live using the "latest stories" link at the top left of this page.
  • We hope everyone can submit at least two stories.  Again, remember that your messages are instantly public, so it is worth reading our rules.  If you are having trouble, read our FAQ or call our help line.  
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